About PFMU

The Project Financial Management Unit (PFMU) was created by the Government of Liberia within the Ministry of Finance (MOF) in August of 2006 in collaboration with the World Bank (infrastructure Projects-SIU/IIU) and African Development Bank (ADB).  The formation of this Unit came about after the Government finalized arrangement with various donors to finance a program of rehabilitation and reconstruction of vital sectors of the economy after 15 years of civil conflict.


The Project Financial Management Unit (PFMU) of the Ministry of Finance (MOF) provides centralized accounting and financial management functions for Donor funded projects. Specifically, it functions include:

          Carry out disbursement of donor funds in accordance with World Bank procedures;

          Draw down of funds from the World Bank;

          Financial reporting on receipts and disbursement of funds;

          Arrange for annual audits

          Other functions including capacity building of staff for various Project Implementation Units (PIUs)



PFMU will be a trusted, dynamic and valuable partner, supporting Liberia to eradicate poverty and achieve its rebuilding agenda, whilst fostering sustainable Financial Management of donor projects. We will, as a unit within the Ministry of Finance, respond to the development needs in Liberia in area of Financial Management which is in alignment with the national priorities and in consultation with development partners.

Our Values as a Unit, seeking sustainable development for the Government of Liberia and a partner to reducing poverty in Liberia is vibrant. They include the following but not limited to: 

          Working together

          Respecting the individual

          Seeking the facts and providing insight

          Upholding the highest standards of ethics and conduct in all activities

          Seeking to develop our staff for the challenges that lie ahead of them not only for the short term but also the long term.


In building a best-run finance unit, we aim to:

    increase operational efficiency, 
    improve corporate strategy,
    better manage risk and compliance, and
    Spur unit growth and innovation

Working with us

PFMU provides real competitive and professional working environment coupled with excellent working condition for its staff. PFMU is a highly professional working environment where staff from various walks of life, nationalities, and expertise converge and work together to achieve the objectives of the Unit.

The Unit recruits its staff both nationally and internationally in order to obtain the best quality of qualified and experienced individuals in project financial management. 
Individual seeking employment with us must meet the eligibility requirements listed for the post advertised.

Our team
The Unit comprises of: